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Made in Thailand B-Queen Face Soap for Body Skin Whitening

Made in Thailand B-Queen Face Soap for Body Skin Whitening

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Why You Choice B-Queen Skin Whitening Cream 

1. 100% natural: Suitable for all ages and all skin types, including newborn babies and pregnant mothers
2. Alcohol Free: Advanced skin care ingredients to gently nourish skin, no alcohol, no irritating to delicate skin
3. No added: No harmful chemicals are added, no damage to the skin
4. High concentration: Nourishment, whitening power, anti-aging power, absorption is 8 times stronger than milk
5. Higher composition: Rich in repairing ingredients EGF and antioxidant ingredients SOD
6. The mildest: Sensitive skin can also be used with confidence, the pH of goat's milk is very close to the pH of human skin.

The Professional Production Processes and 100% Natural Ingredient 

1. Purely no added:  90% of the ingredients of cold soap are made from saponification of plants and do not contain other additives to protect skin.
2. 25% natural glycerinCold soap naturally produces about 25% natural glycerin during saponification and is a natural moisturizer for the skin.
3.  72 days saponification: 36.5 degrees Celsius cold, cold, after 72 days of saponification, retain the nutrients of vegetable oil, care for the skin

Palm Oil

Contains vitamins A and E to reduce aging keratin, speed up metabolism, and make skin clean and smooth

High Quality Goat Milk
Anti aging

Contains magical EGF factor, promotes epithelial cell growth, delays aging, and contains five times more nutrients than milk.

Grape Seed
Shrink pores

Promotes blood circulation, shrinks pores, tightens skin

Sesame Oil
Skin whitening 

Moisturizes skin, leaving skin smooth and radiant

Olive Oil
Improve skin dark yellow

Rich in squalene and essential fatty acids to enhance elasticity, improve dark yellow, even skin tone

Sweet Almond Oil

Leaves skin smooth and supple, suitable for all skin types, especially dry and allergic skin


Double your moisture to care for your baby's skin, 
gentle and non-irritating


Soft cleansing and improve skin problems

Wash hands 

Inhibits the growth of bacteria, long-term use makes the skin of your hands more delicate


Easily scrape the beard, no residue
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